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This website displays solutions to the great Orienteering events known as the Sydney Summer Series. Held every Wednesday evening (in daylight savings) there is no better way to get to know our beautiful city's parks, bush tracks and surban streets. There will be a friendly group of people very willing to explain everything - just turn up to the right location, look for the big group of people and ask somone for help. But be warned it is very addictive!

The challange is simple, you get given a map and sheet of handy hints (control descriptions). When you are ready, you have up to 45 minutes to leave the start (hash-house), find as many control-points as possible, write down their codes and get back in one piece. You are rewarded points for each control you find (in the Sydney Summer Series, controls are worth either 10, 20 or 30 points) and you loose 10 points for each minute you are late back!

The hard part is working out which way to go, how far from the start to 'spread your wings', whether it is worth going up that big hill to get a 30 point control (or go around it picking up two 10 pointers) all the while, keeping an eye on the time, not getting lost and not writing down the wrong code in the wrong spot. When you make it back it is time to relax. You probably know a few places where you lost some time... but the question lingers "if I hadn't made that mistake, which way should I have gone to get the most points?"

Instead of pondering forever the solution can now be found right here...
I hope you picked the right route!


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